Laban Movement Analysis

Laban Movement Analysis (LMA)

How does your own communication actually work?
How do you communicate with other people?
How do you use your own body in your daily communication?

You often think you already know this, but is that really the case? Unspoken language has a big influence on the reactions of others but also on yourself. He who creates much or too little space in his body, creates that same space in his mind and soul. So here is a world to discover .... and it will bring you much more .

Personal benefits for Laban students

Whoever follows a Labantraining, learns to become aware (again) of his/her own basic fysical attitude and the effect it has on yourself and on others. After this discovery  you can leran to use your body in a new way as a means of communication. The result is a greatly improved self-confidence, more charisma and a more positive attitude: and most of all: harmony in your total communication (verbal and non-verbal).

A Labantraining (LMA) makes you better in contact. Starting with yourself. You become more open and friendly and pay more attention to the other person. The result? Well, you will be better better 'connected' with yourself, with your own body and mind. As a result, you can also connect much better to the other person. This provides at least better contact, more openness and friendliness in all of your communication, both in the private sphere and at work (with colleagues, clients / clients, students, etc.).